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Team of Skilled Technicians for Brakes & Suspension Repair in Kamloops

Driving is fun! The thrill of maneuvering your favourite car at the desired speed is unimaginable, but you only enjoy it when you have full control of the vehicle. And that feeling of safety comes from a powerful braking and suspension system. Responsible driving is essential not just for you but also for others on the road. At Trucks Plus, we have a trained team of skilled technicians for brakes and suspension repair. Our repair shop in Kamloops is equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that your vehicle is restored to perfection. It is vital that you get your vehicle's brakes and suspension system maintained every once in a while to ensure that your car or truck is safe.

We Use Quality Parts

The brakes of your car or truck work by creating a necessary friction force that opposes the direction of the moving parts. Over time, this friction causes wear and tear of the brake pads, callipers, and other braking system parts. Environmental factors like heat, dirt and moisture can also cause problems in your braking system. At Trucks Plus, we trust only leading manufacturers for the replacement parts of your braking system. Our technicians ensure that your vehicle is repaired to its original specifications. 

With a team of experienced mechanics and technicians, we are confident to repair your vehicle's brake rotors, brake pads, brake shoes and suspension system. Visit our shop for an inspection of your vehicle. 

Skilled Mechanics

We can fix your vehicle's suspension and brake system promptly.

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