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Enhance the Performance of Your Car with Oil & Filter Change in Kamloops

Are you disappointed with the performance of your vehicle? Consider an oil and filter change service to enhance the engine's performance. Over time, the oil gets saturated with pollutants and can cause damage to the engine. This saturated oil does not help in any lubrication, causing excessive heat in your machine. Changing lube, oil and filters at regular intervals is necessary to ensure a smooth-running vehicle.

At Trucks Plus, we offer oil and filter change services. If your car or truck is giving you trouble, bring it to our repair shop in Kamloops for an inspection. We will thoroughly check your vehicle and suggest the required oil or filter replacement.

Expect Quality Service

At Trucks Plus, we care about the engine health of your vehicle and offer comprehensive services to keep it functional. We are well equipped to provide your vehicle with quality motor oil, steering and suspension greasing, oil filter replacement, and leak inception below the chassis. When you bring your car or truck to our repair shop for an oil change, be assured that you will get top-quality service. Our technicians will drain the dirty oil from your car, replace the oil filters, and change the oil to improve your driving experience.

Efficient Diagnostics

We offer inspection services to identify any signs of damage in your vehicle.

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